Illustrate Your Masonic Walk…

When you see the chronology and accouterments of your Masonic walk displayed on this Masonic Certificate your wish for more light is memorialized and documented; it will truly put a smile on your face and you will feel that sense of pride that you had when you were proclaimed a Master Mason.

Then when simply framed, and displayed all who have traveled east and those who just admire fine looking documents will know that you are a Master Mason.

The creation of this one of a kind original is a fair amount of work. It requires me to set up and recreate a document that truly resembles a 19th century engraving. I even go so far as to emulate the lodge seal that would have been included on a period certificate.

The information that is needed to complete your personal original is contained in the Bible that was presented to you when you were raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. If this Bible is not at hand any longer your lodge secretary can with a little research locate all of the information needed. If the information cannot be located and you want to use the current Lodge officers, supply this information instead. If you need more help call or e-mail me. We will figure something out.

Lodges can use this as a fund raiser.If you have questions on how to do this let me know. I will make a sample Certificate for the Lodge Master to show and present to the lodge.

Keep in mind that these certificates make great gifts and many times the recipient’s wife or mother is a good source for the information I need to complete a real keepsake.

If you need more information, have an idea or want your name placed on the satisfied certificate holders list just e-mail me. Remember I have never had a Mason that was dissatisfied with their Masonic Certificate that memorializes his Masonic walk. If this ever happens I will refund every bit of what was paid including postage and handling.

Certificates are $16.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling, up to 5 certificates per shipping and handling charge.
Thank you for your order or for just looking,


Tim Hermes
10799 Spry Road
Newburgh, IN 47630-8858

No one has been disappointed or felt unsatisfied!
Yours in the faith
Tim Hermes